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About Rasvaimu, Plastikkakirurgia, Lihavuusleikkaus

About Rasvaimu, Plastikkakirurgia, LihavuusleikkausThe problem of obesity is widely distributed around the world. In a complex issue this issue includes a number of biological, physical, psychological and social aspects. Thus, as a result of excess weight from the human health begins to rapidly deteriorate, causing life-threatening diseases: coronary heart disease, respiratory failure, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, hypertension, arthritis, cancer.

Rasvaimu or surgical removal of fat attracted many representatives of the stronger and the weaker sex. Many women and men buy into commercials with celebrities who lost weight with the help of liposuction. Of course, surgical removal of fat is the only reliable method of getting rid of extra pounds. Surgical removal of fat can be performed on many areas of the body. For example, get rid of extra pounds in the belly area, outer and inner thighs, chest, neck, buttocks. Surgical fat removal in the area of the anterior abdominal wall is called abdominoplasty, this procedure is most often used men and women. Surgical removal of fat radiofrequency method has beneficial effects on metabolism, leaving uneven and bumpy on the skin, and scarring, and generally any visible prints from surgery. Thermal procedures are generally safe, as it does not result in such grave consequences as death, heart attack or thrombosis. The more that you no longer want to eliminate the defects using the additional operations when the fat is necessary again to introduce or remove from certain areas of the body to give shape harmony. People older the skin loses nutrients and eventually droops. So after the surgery, the effect may not be as expected. However, after surgical removal of fat it does not, the skin is tightened on the plot, which used thermal procedure. While fat is often not recovering at the surgery site for a long time. Radiofrequency liposuction can be recommended to women who are unhappy with their shape abdomen, thighs, or buttocks after heavy or repeated childbirth. In addition, after the removal of fat thermal method does not have to sit on diets and to fix the result of difficult physical exercise.

Plastiikkakirurgia focuses on surgical procedures related to the elimination of defects of the body or the whole body. Plastiikkakirurgia attracts a large number of people, because beauty is required in wide demand, professional level of plastic surgeons has grown significantly, and prices were much lower.

Plastic surgeons deal with the correction of the nose, ears, lips, chin, tightening the skin on the face, blepharoplasty, increase and decrease a woman’s breast and buttocks, rejuvenate the tissues of the hands, changing the shape of the labia.

Plastic surgery is divided into two types: cosmetic and reconstructive.

The first purpose is the improvement of appearance. Thus, due to these operations people can not only prolong the beauty and youthfulness of their skin, but also to avoid negative emotions and stress.

The second one is for removing skin blemishes and restore the natural functions of cells and tissues through the organization of plastic surgery. Such surgical operations are performed in people who have received injuries as a result of various injuries, diseases, or chronic diseases. After successful surgery, the person feels most comfortable, and his life changed radically.

Misinterprets plastic surgeons exclusively as doctors, after all, only a bare knowledge of professional terms, coupled with the ability filigree work scalpel this profession is not limited. For a plastic surgeon requires a high aesthetic component, the artist’s abilities and fine sense of the beautiful — no wonder «plastics» are called «elite surgery», because in addition to addressing medical problems that plastic surgeons are the creators of the beauty of human faces and bodies, increasing the patients their own self-esteem, allowing the proud footsteps to follow in life.

Lihavuusleikkaus — type of operation, which is often chosen by patients for weight loss. It is no wonder that gastric bypass surgery is considered the «gold standard» bariatric surgeries, after which there is large weight loss. As the results showed, on average, people get rid of 60% to 70% of excess body weight. In all likelihood, the weight will decrease not less than ten years.

It should be noted that as a result of weight loss, many health problems associated with pathological obesity, improved or resolved completely. In addition, gastric bypass reduces the risk of heart attack. Patients with diabetes need less medication and in most cases take the disease under control, and over half of patients stop taking medications for high blood pressure.

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